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White Label Sites

Jump onto the unique, hassle-free B2C quote & buy travel system which can be tailor-made for each broker.

What is a White Label Travel Site?

A White Label Site is the process of a company purchasing a product from another company and then rebranding it as its own.

By using White Label Sites created by DOA, you can easily offer travel insurance to your clients through online sales without any involvement in the process and is completely free to set up.

This product is ideal for brokerages who have partnerships with affiliates, such as travel agents, coach companies, and sports clubs, to offer dual-branded travel solutions to their customers.

What features does a White Label Travel Site have?

The DOA White Label Travel Sites allow you to fully customise your very own online Business to Customer travel insurance quote and buy system. Our White Label Travel Site:

  • Allows you to add your own company logo and brand colours.
  • Can create branded documents and emails to send to your clients.
  • Is fully mobile-friendly.
  • Uses a secure online payment gateway.
  • Contains a client portal for quotes, policies, and process renewals.
  • Issues renewal reminders automatically 28, 7 & 1 days before expiry.
  • Can create personalised titles and straplines.
  • Allows the ability to change the name of your cover levels.

How to get started with your own White Label Travel Site?

To find out more information about how you can build your own white-label site, please contact or call 0800 389 5904 to start your application process.

Get in touch:

Jack Hines Head of Travel 01371 878554
Karen Thorogood Travel Team Leader 01371 878553
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