Product Oversight & Governance


The FCA has introduced new requirements in relation to Product Governance, General Insurance Pricing Practices, and delivering Fair Value to customers. These requirements involve product Manufacturers and Distributors considering the fair value that their products and services represent to end customers.

As both a ‘Wholesale Distributor’ and in some instances, a ‘Co-Manufacturer’, we have created this online resource webpage to provide ‘Distributors’ with necessary information including Fair Value Assessments, Target Market Statements and further literature from ultimate Insurers about the products we offer and arrange.

Brokers Distribution Information

To assist us, and ultimate insurer ‘Manufacturers’, in complying with the new requirements, we have chosen to operate to the standard industry agreed template, for the collection of remuneration, fee and service information from ‘Distributors’. Completion of this industry-agreed template by your firm will assist in ensuring we both continue to act in customers’ best interests and confirm that the products they receive continue to deliver fair value. You can access our excel spreadsheet template below and submit completed forms to


DOA Co-Manufacturer Fair Value Assessments

Please find below Fair Value Assessments (FVA) where DOA are deemed a ‘Co-Manufacture’. These are for a number of our Commercial products:


SunWorld Travel FVA Information

Please find below the current SunWorld Travel FVA product information request document completed by the ultimate Insurer, Inter Partner Assistance SA UK Branch (part of the AXA Group). We are not a ‘Co-Manufacturer’ here, only a ‘Wholesale Distributor’:


Further Product Information where DOA is a Wholesale Distributor

Please find below Fair Value Assessments, Target Market Statements and further Product Governance information concerning other Commercial and Financial Professions products where DOA are deemed a ‘Wholesale Distributor’ only:



DOA have a dedicated internal Product Oversight & Governance Committee who also work with all our Insurer partners to ensure compliance with the updated requirements.

In addition, we have robust Product Governance & Oversight Monitoring policies and procedures and collect in-depth relevant Management Information concerning products offered to help with our Fair Value Assessment duties.

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